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U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii

Whilst on vacation in Hawaii, in Waikiki, I took a break from the family and left them in the hotel sleeping off the last few days hectic schedule. The US Army Museum of Hawaii has exhibits and educational programs emphasizing the role Hawaii played in military actions from WWI through the Vietnam Conflict. The museum is located in Battery Randolph at Waikiki's Fort DeRussy. You can check out their website here: US Army Museum of Hawaii All photos are shown with permission.

M24 Chaffee M24 Chaffee M24 Chaffee M24 Chaffee The light tank M24 "Chaffee" was introduced in 1944 and immediately started to replace the light tank M3 in service. It also served for many years post-war.

Field gun Field gun This information was copied from the US Army Infantry Home Page. I was going to give a link here but they forbid it for some strange reason. "The Japanese 47mm antitank gun was adopted from Russian 45mm pieces captured during the Japanese-Siberian border skirmishes of 1938-1939. The gun caliber was increased due to existing 47mm production machinery already in service with the Japanese Navy. Notice the wide track of the wheels. This gives the weapon great stability during firing. Operated by a crew of 4, the Type 1 had a maximum range of 8,400 yards. The Type 1 was occasionally used against U.S. Forces in the southwest Pacific during World War II."

Huey Huey OK, I'm not a chopper expert, but this must be a Bell UH1 - a Huey, right?

Japanese Type 95 Japanese Type 95 Japanese Type 95 Japanese Type 95 On more familiar ground here, this is definitely a Japanese light tank Type 95. This example appears to be well preserved and sports a handsome camouflage paint job.

M15A1 M15A1 M15A1 M15A1 On even more familiar ground here we see a M15A1. This was an M3 halftrack mounted with a 37mm canon for anti-aircraft use. Note that 2 .50 caliber machine guns were mounted to each side and slightly below the main canon when the vehicle was in operation. Over 1600 of these vehicles were prodcuced between October 1943 and February 1944. (Source: Squadron/Signal "M3 halftrack in Action".)

M3 M3 M3 M3 halftrack. This example looks very much like the Airfix model, with a front roller and machine gun mount above passenger seat. The side racks just above the tracks were originally for mines, but you almost never see pictures of vehicles with mines hanging off the sides for rather obvious reasons! The seats are gone from this vehicle - they normally ran the length of the vehicle.

Japanese rifle GI In addtition to the vehicles outside, inside the museum are housed small arms, uniforms and other items. For example here is a Japanese rifle and other gear and a GI uniform.