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The Lost Models

Models I built back in the day that didn't survive - damaged, played with, blown-up - you know the score!
First ever model I built was Fireball XL5 made from cardboard coffee cans and cereal packets. It was large - maybe as long as 3 feet! Alas I can no longer locate a pciture of this one.

First kit I built was HMS Victorious.

Churchill was the first tank I built.

Needed something to fight.

Built a couple of these - the surviving Land Rover I recently fixed up.


Built a couple of trains too.

Other "lost" models include:

Airfix bagged sailing ships - could have been Cutty Sark, Mayflower, Golden Hinde
Lyon's Maid Fireball XL5
Lyon's Maid Stingray

Tamiya 1/48 T34/76

Tamiya 1/35 Saladin
Tamiya 1/35 M41 Walker Bulldog

Airfix HMS Fearless
Airfix 1/32 Ferrari
Airfix Angel Interceptor
Airfix Saturn V
Airfix Vostok
Airfix Lunar lander

Also many "first cut" Airfix tanks were later relegated to a wargame group. Would have included:

M4 Sherman
Stug III
8.8 cm Flak 36 and Sdkfz 7 prime mover
M3 halftrack
25 pounder and QUAD limber
5.5 inch gun and Matador
M3 Grant and Lee
T34 76 and 85
Bren carrier and 6 pounder
German 8 wheeled armoured car
Several Airfix buildings


Airfix Scammel tank transporter Scammel tank transporter (Airfix 1/76)

Abbot 1/35 Abbot self-propelled gun.


Fokker triplane Fokker DR1. 1/72 Revell model. Repaired many times!

Original Airfix AEC truck from when I was a kid AEC Matador - Airfix 1/76

Harrier prototype

Harrier prototype P.1127. Airfix 1/72

Airfix 1/72 Fairey Swordfish

Fairey Swordfish. Airfix 1/72


Airfix conversion Sdkfz 7 Flak Airfix Sdkfz 7 converted to flak measuring vehicle.

Restored SU85 SU85 - 85mm anti-tank gun mounted on a T34 chassis. This is a conversion on an Airfix T34.

Airfix modified Mk1 Male British Mark I male tank. This is the Airfix 1/76 model.

Panther Observation Post Panther OP (Observation Post) converted from the Airfix 1/76 Panther.


Airfix conversion T48 halftrack Airfix M3 converted to the T48 armed with 57 mm M1 gun.

Russian Josef Stalin III tank JS III. Airfix 1/76 with re-built turret..

Airfix model converted to Mk4 female British Mark IV female tank. This is a conversion from the Airfix model with scratch built female sponsons.

Greyhound armored car.  (Roco) M8 armored car. This a Roco minitanks model 1/87.

Wessex Royal Navy Westland Wessex helicopter. This was a 1/72 kit by Frog.

M3 halftrack 75mm M3 75mm GMC (Gun Motor Carriage). Conversion from Airfix kit.

Churchill Mk VII Airfix kit Churchill Mk VII (1/76 Airfix) This build replaced the original - first Airfix I made and the trickiest to build!

Pak 3/41 8.8cm Pak 43/41

Sdkfz7 converted to AA vehicle Sd Kfz 7 with armored cab and AA gun. Converted from the Airfix 1/76 kit.

Converted Airfix T34 in whitewash snow camouflage T34/76 1943 model with the hexagonal turret. A conversion from the Airfix kit.

M1064/A3 Mortar Carrier Roco M1064/A3 Mortar Carrier.

M48 AVLB M48 AVLB - Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge, from Roco Minitanks.

SU100 Tamiya SU100. (Friul tracks added much later.)

Roco Minitanks T54 model with detailing Soviet T54. Roco Minitanks model with detailing.


Austin ambulance from RAF emergency set Austin Ambulance. 1/76 Airfix from the RAF emergency set.

Austin K 6 fire truck from RAF emergency set Austin K 6 fire truck. 1/76 Airfix from the RAF emergency set.

Sea King helicopter modeled as the vehicle that recovered the Apollo 11 capsule. Airfix 1/72

Sherman BARV Sherman BARV. Conversion from Airfix kit.

Scratch-built Morris truck Scratch-built Morris truck.

Airfix Sherman converted to M4 VC Firefly Airfix Sherman conversion to a VC Firefly.

1/76 M4A3 105 from Airifx Sherman, Roco M40 and labor by Nick Turner An Airfix Sherman conversion. M4A3 (105 mm) with HVSS. The M4A3's HVSS suspension was from a Roco Minitanks M40.

Harrier GR1

Harrier GR1. Airfix 1/72

stratch-built Panzer I This is a stratch-built Panzer I - 1/76.

Sturmgeschütz IV (7.5cm StuK40 L/48) (Sd Kfz 167) STUG IV - from Airfix 1/76 STUG III and Pz IV.

Centurion Engineer British Centurion engineer vehicle, converted from the Airfix kit.

Honest John tactical missile Roco Honest John.


Missile BW HS-30 SS-11 Rocket Carrier. Roco.

Roco Minitanks Alligator M2 Alligator floating bridge layer (Roco).

Airfix LVT4 Water Buffalo converted to an earlier LVT(A)-2 model LVT(A)-2 (Landing Vehicle Tracked). This is the Airfix LVT4 Water Buffalo conversion.

Canadian version M3 medium tank General Lee - Airfix 1/76 Canadian Lee with mud chutes. From Airfix kit 1/76.

M3 medium tank General Grant - straight build of Airifx 1/76 kit with repaired tracks Airfix M3 Grant 1/76.

M4 Jumbo Assualt tank converted from the Airfix Sherman M4A3E2 "Jumbo" Assault tank. This model was converted from the Airfix Sherman (1/76).

M4A3E8 Sherman tank with long-barelled 76mm gun M4A8E8, Aurora 1/48 scale .

Almarks decal zimmerit on Wittman's Tiger Tiger, Airfix 1/76 converetd to early model used by Wittman.

Hemag truck Hemag truck. Roco Minitank model.


M60 tank

Roco Minitanks M60 model with added detail.

US M55 203mm Roco M55 203mm.

Saladin Armoured car Roco Saladin.

Conqueror tank Roco Conqueror!

KV I KV 1, scratch built using wheels and tracks from an Airfix JS III.

DUKW, amphibious truck DUKW.- Airfix 1/76

Airfix 1/32 Crusader III tank with nice commander British Crusader III in the western desert. Airfix 1/32 kit.

Conversion (Sd Kfz 161/2)

Pz Kpfw IV Ausf J (Sd Kfz 161/2) This is an Airfix 1/76 amended to the later long barelled version.

Sturmgeschütz mit 8.8cm PaK43.2 (Sd Kfz 184) more popularly known as Ferdinand or Elefant Elefant. 1/76 scratchbuild.


First tank for Germany

German A7V tank. This 1/76 model is from a vacuum-formed "Raretanks" kit

V2 missile German WWII V2 installation V2 and support vehicles.


Airfix Matilda II 1/76 Airfix Matilda II

Aurfix Kubelwagen Aifix kubelwagen, part of the reconnaissance set.

Fujimi 1/76 Pz38t Pz 38t. Fujimi 1/76.

PZ II chassis - Wespe Wespe (Matchbox 1/76)

Sdkfz222 Sd Kfz 222. Light armored car (Airfix 1/76).

Japanese type 97 Japanese Type 97. (Airfix)

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