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WWI vehicles.

British Mark I male tank.
This is the Airfix 1/76 model which I made years ago. This was a first-release Airfix kit and the flexible track material was eating into the plastic of the model. I had to perform a restoration on the model and place aluminum foil between the tracks and the rest of the model. The base came from the Matchbox Comet, but seemed to fit this model better. Approximate year of construction: 1967. Restoration: 1997.
Mk1 Male Airfix 1/76 model Mk1 Male tank Fixed up Mark I Airfix modified Mk1 Male
Original build with only tracks repaired. Join of tracks to hull a little ugly, curtesy of 'track rot'. Model corrected for Mk I. Top view shows changes made.

British British Mark IV female tank.
British British Mark IV female tank. This is a conversion from the Airfix model with scratch built female sponsons. Note the log on the top rails used to un-bog the tank. This again was an early Airfix tank kit that had "track melt" and needed restoration. In this early model I tried to get an impression of bolt heads by using a hot pin to melt the plastic card. Note the semaphore signaling arm on top. This was a pre-radio era! Carrier pigeons were also used to send messages. Also note the red and white ID stripes. The Germans captured and used tanks so IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) was as important then as it is today. Approximate year of construction: 1968. Restoration: 1997.
Airfix model converted to Mk4 female British Mark IV female tank 1/76 Mk4 female unditching beam
Scratch built sponons try to match rivets. Again, ugly join of tracks to hull on this old model Unditching bean and semaphore signaller Aerial recognition with the red and white stripes

German A7V tank.
A7V German tank First tank for Germany Tank A7V
This design did not have the trench-crossing ability of the British tanks and was built in much smaller numbers. This 1/76 model is from a vacuum-formed "Raretanks" kit made in the late 1960's.(I remember having a Raretanks Somua also which I never did build. Finally made the one from Heller.) This is a camoflaged tank lacking markings. The Germans were really playing catch-up in World War One and used more captured British tanks in action than their own models. Approximate year of construction: 1972.
Cut A7V German tank Paper Tiger WWI German tank
Card model A7V in 1/72. Built by Marvin DePano. The hard edges make a nice contrast to the rather rounded off appearance of the Raretank vacuum formed kit.

Renault FT17
Renault FT17, takes its name from the year of introduction - 1917. It was thought that small tanks used en masse might succeed where the heavy tanks - conceived as mobile fire power rather that infantry support - had failed. When actually employed in large numbers they proved quite effective, but often they were employed piecemeal and did not make much impression. This mistake in armour usage was to be repeated time and time again throughout history.
(Matchbox 1/76) Approximate year of construction: 1997.

1/18 Indiana Jones tank.
Indiana Jones tank Scratch built Indiana Jones tank Last Crusade Indiana Jones tank custom Scratch built Last Crusade Indiana Jones tank Indiana Jones tank custom Scratch built Indiana Jones tank Hasbro tank Hasbro Indiana Jones tank
Fictional tank from the move Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Scale is sized for use with Hasbro Indiana Jones action figures and is approximately 1:18. Based on a WWI Joint UK/US "International" Mk VIII tank this design featured a wider body and narrower tracks in order to accomodate a turret. Despite what you might read elsewhere the turret design was unique to this tank and is not taken from an existing vehicle. Length of the model is nearly two feet! Since these pictures were taken I did change one thing - I added writing to the flag. Track links are individual links made up of 12 separate pieces! This model is entirely stratch built from plastic card plus Evergreen strips and tubes.
Now for some overhead views. These file sizes tend to be larger so be patient if you have a slow connection!
Top view of Last Crusade Indiana Jones tank Last Crusade tank overhead Indiana Jones tank from above Overhead front view of Hatay Indiana Jones tank Overhead rear view of Indiana Jones tank Left side of Last Crusade Indiana Jones tank
Overhead view Even the ammo boxes had to be scratch built. Stowage items and rear cable. (I found no clear picture of the rear.) Front showing tow cable and beams. Added a beam to the rear. 'Barbed wire' was cut from plastic bird netting and spayed. Left side.
Indiana Jones tank Opening turret hatch Right sponson gun down Indiana Jones tank Indiana Jones tank Right sponson gun up Right sponson gun traversed right Indiana Jones tank Interior with right sponson removed Indiana Jones tank 6 pounder gun 6 pounder gun breech Indiana Jones tank Last Crusade Indiana Jones tank turret removed
Opening turret hatch. Right sponson. Notice texture added to side plates which were too smooth! Gun swivels up. Gun turns. Right sponson is removable. Inside sponson - gun breech is somewaht simplified. (Think 'Hasbro toy'.) Another view of the 6 pounder gun breech. Entire turret and basket lift out
Hatay Indiana Jones tank turret details Top of Last Crusade Indiana Jones tank Camoflage net tipped back Indiana Jones tank Top of Indiana Jones tank removed Turret in place with top of Indiana Jones tank removed Spent shell casings in basket Left sponson interior Indiana Jones tank Indiana Jones tank Right interior view with pin-up pictures
View up into turret shows some details including ready rounds for the turret 6 pounder gun. The camoflage net lifts up.... reveal a swivel catch which enables the top to be removed. Note the spent shell casings on the floor. View with the top off reveals a frame which can support the turret. View of basket to hold spent shell casings and shovels. View through right sponson opening showing left side gun and ammunition crates stored under the turret. View with pin-up pictures and Brody's hat!

1/35 Emhar Whippet
1/35 Emhar Whippet Julian's Baby $10 Emhar Whippet rub down letters and some hand painting different markings from the usual Whippet models war bonds Julian's Baby
1/35 Emhar Whippet Yes I know there is a shiny new model with better tracks but I only paid $10 for a fun build I wanted to do different markings from the usual Whippet models Markings were cobled together using rub down letters and some hand painting This vehicle participated in the National War Savings Commitee campaign for the sale of war bonds. Commanded by Leiutenant E.A.Collett of the 22nd Light Tank Division. Source: Medium Mark a Whippet By David Fletcher (Osprey Publishing)


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