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WWII Soviet Tanks.

1/35 BA20 armoured car
BA20 Russian armoured car BA20 armoured car Russian armoured car BA20 BA20 Russian BA20 armoured car
Not sure of the manufacturer - box and instructions were all in Russian. Fit of the body to chasssis needed a lot of putty work. I think the figure was mainly Tamiya Russian tank crew and infantry parts. Plastic in this kit was rather brittle. Interesting to see as a 'period shot'

1/35 BA64B armoured car.
BA64B Russian armoured car AER BA64B Russian armoured car 1/35 BA64B Russian armoured car BA64B
This older Russian AER model had the right shape, but many detail parts were added or changed. Added a figure for interest. Everything blends in with a little paint. Constructed 2012.
BA64B Russian armoured car Build pictures BA64B Russian armoured car Constructing the AER BA64B Russian armoured car
Adding details to a basic kit. Note driver's visor was completely rebuilt. Big cylinder on the side is the muffler.

1/35 BT-7
Finished 1/35 BT-7 Russian tank by Eastern Express Nick Turner's Eastern Express 1/35 BT-7 Russian tank BT-7 Russian tank 1/35 side view Russian BT-7 tank EE 1/35 top view Rear of BT-7 tank, Soviet EE 1/35
"Early" model BT-7 with the straight-sided turret from Eastern Express. I decided against markings as most photos did not show any. It is the hardest thing to get a rigid plastic figure to interact with a gun (or other part) in a realistic manner. The figure pose was suggested by the box art. 2004
1/72 Pegasus Models BT7
1/72 Pegasus Models BT7 BT7 Two models in the box means 2 different finishes BT7 Unditching log is a typical Russian addition
1/72 Pegasus Models BT7 Two models in the box means 2 different finishes Unditching log is a typical Russian addition
BT7 Winter whitewash BT7 applied over the green paint BT7 The whitewash starts to wear off quickly
Winter whitewash is also a common finish This would be applied over the green paint The whitewash starts to wear off quickly as it is not as tough as paint

1/35 ISU 152
ISU 1532 assault gun ISU 1532 assault gun ISU 1532 assault gun ISU 1532 assault gun ISU 1532 assault gun ISU 1532 assault gun ISU 1532 assault gun
Zvezda ISU 152 Zvezda tank troops. Fruil tracks Action poses! Things are getting hot. Time to get off this shell magnet! Jump! Built 2012.

1/35 GAZ 67 staff car.
GAZ staff car GAZ 67 Tamiya 1/35 GAZ staff car Russian staff car
Tamiya, built in 2001. Looks like a little snow on the ground. I see some silvering on those decals... Looks like a Jeep, eh?

1/35 T28 tank with Trumpeter tank crew at rest.
T28 Russian Tank T28 and crew Russian squeeze box Vodka and Tank 1/35 T28 T28 ICM
Eastern Express T28 tank with Trumpeter tank crew at rest. The vehicle I modeled had the fittings for a turret antenna, but no actual antenna. Four of the rear wheel converted to all-steel type. Share a little vodka and accordian! Has some interior details - engine, cooling fan Constructed in 2012.

1/35 T40 light tank
Winter finish 1/35 T40 Russian tank Amphibious 1/35 T40 Russian tank Nice Zvezda figures on a T40 Russian tank T40 tank, 1/35, Zvezda T40 tank, 1/35, Zvezda
This was mainly based on a photo of a group of winter-finish T40 vehicles rather than one specific vehicle. This kind of finish really captures the "used and dirty' feel of a real vehicle and helps brings some life. Note the red and white colored signaling flags held by the commander. I like the officiousness of the officer with his plans and demanding manner. The poor tank guy looks like he has had an earful! Built 2004.

1/72 IS 2 tank.
IS2 1/72 IS2 tank Pegasus IS2 IS2 tank with commander
Pegasus Models kit. AB figure Russian commander. A nice kit and the sagging track is cool - a pity the outside of the tracks shows so little detail. Detailed up from picture references. Decal not included so I had to find/hand paint as needed.

1/72 IS 2 tank with spaced armour
Pegasus Models IS2 tank Russian IS2 IS2 with extra armour Overhead view of IS2 tank
Pegasus Models IS 2 tank with spaced armour added to turret. The main turret hatch was covered with canvas - perhaps it was leaking? Note the armour was coming detached on the right rear of the turret. I assume this armour was scrounged up and and not an official mod. I figured it would have been given a quick coat of paint to blend it in. I simulated this by making it not quite match the tank colour.

1/76 JS III
Rebuilt Airfix Josef Stalin III tank with wooden ditching beam Airfix 1/76 JS III tank with converted turret Josef Stalin III tank by Airfix 1/76 highly detailed with re-built turret, tow ropes, logs, fuel tanks etc. Beautifully detailed Stalin JS3 tank by Airfix and Nick Turner Aifix Stalin tank 1960's boxtop
Original turret conversion from 1968 with new hull built 2004 (old model had bad track-rot). Log, tow cables, extra fuel tanks... Road wheels coated in liquid super-glue (CA) before painting to provide a non-reactive barrier. These were old type vinyl tracks so I wanted to prevent a re-occurrence of track-rot. I purchased 2 models off eBay dating from 1963-5. These were packaged for the US market.

1/76 KV 1
Scratchbuilt KV I tank 1/76 KV I tank 1/76 using JS III wheels and the rest built with plastic card KV I
KV 1, scratch built using wheels and tracks from an Airfix JS III. Constructed almost entirely from plastic card. Running gear and tracks were replaced in 2004 - original dates from 1971!

1/35 KV II
KV II Tamiya KV II KV II in snow KV II huge gun 1/35 KV II
Tamiya 1/35 KV II. Foliage on the track guards was 'borrowed' from a KV I picture. Kit tracks not great - tried the mud treatment. Winter camo worked quite nicely. Constructed in 2001.

1/72 T34 1942 model.
ESCI model constructed in 2013. This model is rather poorly engineered. I was force to cut off the road wheel arms and use wire to connect the roadwheels - after first plugging the holes in the hull sides - in order for the tracks to fit the wheels.
ESCI T34 1942 model 1/72 T34 1942 model
I finally have an example of box fuel tanks. Looks a bit thick and crude - Ooooh! Just like a real T34!

1/76 T34_76 1941 model.
Converted T34/76 from the Airfix kit in 1/76 Airfix T34 76 conversion to early model T34 76 1/76 T34 76 1941 Russian T34 76 tank model with rounded mudguards and new gun
T34_76 1941 model, from the Airfix kit. Airfix tracks still very thick. New boxes and log. Track detail looks good in this view. Headlights need some attention! Under construction showing the changes that are neccesary from the 1942 model depicted by Airfix.

1/35 T34/76 Stalingrad - Maquette
T34/76 Stalingrad 1/35 T34/76 Stalingrad T34/76 Stalingrad tank T34 tank
1/35 T34/76 Stalingrad. OOB quick build Rough and ready - like a T34... Kit a bit rough - but have you seen a REAL T34? If not go do it!

1/76 T34/76 1943 model
Airfix converted 1/76 T34 76 T34 76 - Airfix conversion Winter camouflage T34 76 - Airfix conversion T34/76 1943 model with the hexagonal turret Converted Airfix T34 in whitewash snow camouflage Winter camouflage T34 76 - Airfix conversion T34 76 - I replaced the main gun
T34/76 1943 model with the hexagonal turret. This is a late version with raised cupola on the turret. A conversion from the Airfix kit, in whitewash snow camouflage. This is an old model that has just undergone renovation including replacing the wheels and tracks which were badly damaged by track melt. I also replaced the main gun as part of the renovation as the kit part was under-sized. This became apparent as I was building the T34_76 1941 model. Bad track melt! Approximate year of construction: 1968.

1/35 T34/76 1943
Tamiya 1/35 T34 76 early diorama T34 76 early diorama - Tamiya 1/35 T34/76 early with Russian infantry by Zvezda T34 76 early - 1/35 diorama by Nick Turner T34 76 early model with trees
Tamiya 1/35 early T34/76 1943 model Troops have a Maxim. Supporting Russian infantry by . Early version with the twin round "Mickey Mouse" hatches Zvezda infantry
1/35 T34/76 early model with Mickey Mouse ear hatches T34 76 Russian tank and infantry Russian T34 76 model diorama 1/35 diorama with Tamiya T34 and Zvezda Russian infantry by Nick Turner
Zvezda infantry Zvezda infantry Trying to get arty now. Early version with box-like fuel containers on the rear.

1/76 T34 85
T34 85 with welded on bed frames Airfix 1/76 T34/85 by Nick Turner T34 85 tank from Airfix with AB figures
To combat the panzerfaust weapons, no external fuel tanks are carried and the turret and hull have welded on bed frames. This is based on a vehicle pictured in Berlin. (T34 In Action, Profile Publications) Model Airfix, Figures AB. Bed frames and patch of Berlin street by me! 2003.

1/76 SU85
Restored SU85 SU85 1/76 Airfix conversion 1/76 Airfix T34 conversion
This is a conversion I did years ago on an Airfix T34, from an Airfix magazine article right when the model was first released. This vehicle has been restored using a new kit since the old was suffering from severe track-melt. Approximate year of construction: 1967. Restored 2003.

1/76 T48
T48 halftrack Airfix conversion T48 halftrack 1/76 T48 halftrack
Airfix M3 converted to the T48 armed with 57 mm M1 gun. 1968. This conversion was also detailed in Airfix magazine. This was supplied by lead-lease and used mainly used by the Soviets.

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