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Miltary Vehicle Technology Foundation

Sadly the Jacques Littlefield Collection is no more. Hopefully everything went to a good home. My plan to win the lottery and set up a museum did not work out. Here are my pictures from happier times. RIP Jacques.

Classic T54 T54 Russian T54 Classic T54 tank Soviet tank T54 Classic Russian T54 tank parked outside. Confucious is quoted as saying that all things have beauty. I think this is a thing of beauty.

T54 tank  T54 tank Classic T54 tank AFV T54 tank MVTF T54 Confucious also said that not everyone sees it!

Jacques Littlefield T54 T54 outside T54 in Portola Tank, Russian, T54 More detail pics of the T54

Valentine tank MVTF Valentine Jaques Littlefield Valentine Valentine Mk I Valentine Mk I parked outside.

Light tank Mark IV Interior - Light tank Mark IV Light tank Mark IV. Notice the front panel is off. This was due to a cosmetic restoration (NOT by Jacques Littlefield who prides himself on performing the most authentic restoration possible) which used bolts that were not of the required strength. It certainly does look very nice though! I attempted to get an interior shot with only partial success.

Light tank Mark IV UK Mark IV - light Early Light tank Front re-attached (2010).

FT17 French tank FT17 Six ton tank M1917 - American built copy of the French FT17 using non-metric measurements which necessitated a virtual redesign.

MVTF FT17 Early US tank FT17 WWI FT17 FT17 - US tank New pictures taken in 2010. 1 & 3 are the same angle but 1 looked washed out due to flash so I took another. I left them both in as they may reveal different details.

Crusader tank Crusader III/1 MVTF Crusader British WWII Crusader Crusader III Mk 1

Matilda II front view Spare track detail on Matilda II Turret of Matilda II showing smoke launchers Matilda II - turret rear Matilda II - tools Matilda II - turret detail MVTF Matilda II A lovely looking Matilda II in "Caunter" camoflage. You can see the heavy armour castings and the small gun derided (with justification!) as a "pea-shooter". If only the turret could have held a decent gun! For a spell it reigned supreme in the desert.

6 pounder Aussie 6 pounder MVTF 6 pounder Australian 6 pounder. Not sure if this was Aussie-used or Aussie manufactured.

M3 Scout car M3 Scout car .50 cal MG mount M3 Scout car Headlight Interior M3 Scout car and .50 cal MG mount .50 cal MG mount on M3 Scout car M3 Scout car. Not used much by the Americans large numbers were supplied to Russia and the British used them too.

M3 Scout car .30 cal MG mount Rear of M3 Scout car M3 Scout car interior Gun rail mount on M3 Scout car M3 Scout car passenger side M3 Scout car .Jerrican M3 Scout car. More pics from 2010.

M3 Lee MVTF M3 Lee M3 Lee painted in tan and green.

M3A1 Halftrack M3A1 Halftrack

Light tank M5 Light tank M5 Light tank M5 Turret on M5 Rear view of Light tank M5 M5 Light tank

M4A3E2 Jumbo M4A3E2 Jumbo Jumbo Sherman MVTF M4A3E2 M4A3E2 assault tank Sherman Jumbo M4A3E2 Sherman assault tank "Jumbo". Lots of added armor and a new cast nose and turret. Operationally had grousers permanently fitted due to the extra weight.

M4A1 Sherman tank M4A1 Restored M4A1 Museum M4A1 MVTF M4A1 headlight MVTF M4A1 weight class M4A1 travel lock Tank machine gun M4A1 M4A1 Sherman

M4 turret interior Interior of M4 Sherman turret Sherman turret interior M4 turret interior

M4A3E8 M4A3E8

M5 Artillery tractor M5 Artillery tractor

M16 Multiple gun carriage M16 Multiple gun carriage

M20 Scout car MVTF M20 Scout car M20 Scout car

M22 Locust Tank - M22 Locust M22 Locust light tank designed to be air-portable

M26 patton M26 M26

M48 MBT M48 AVLB M48. Has to be seen in person. A model does not do this tank justice. This is a massive, serious piece of armor! Also AVLB - "Armoured Vehicle Laying Bridge" - on M48 chassis

MVTF Scorpion M56 Scorpion

MVTF M60A1 M60A1 M60A1, M60A2

MVTF M103A2 MVTF M103A2 M103A2

M18 M18 gun carriage M18 "Hellcat"

Achilles M10 with 17 pdr - Achilles M10 with 17 pdr - Achilles. This example has the side bolts

M36 M36 - Looks to be one used post war in the desert - Israeli?

Panzer I MVTF Pzkpfw I Rare Pzkpfw I Pzkpfw I Pz Kpfw I Ausf A. Only 818 of these small tanks armed only with machine guns were produced.

Panzer IV MVTF Panzer IV Panzer IV tank German Panzer IV PanzerKampwagen IV Panzer IV

Panther cross Panther wheels Panther schurzen Wooden tool(?) box on Panther Panther mallet Spare tracks on Panther Panther

Panther Ausf A Panther jack MVTF Panther Panther antenna mount Panther antenna Tools on left side of Panther Panther

Panther jack JL Panther Panther front anther detail MG on Panther Panther

NebelWerfer NebelWerfer

German anti-tank gun Pak 35/36 Pak 35/36 Pak 35/36 with hollow charge projectile Pak 35/36 with hollow charge rocket

Pak 37 German Pak 37 Gun Pak 37 Pak 35/36

Flak 36 8.8cm 88 Flak 36 German Flak 36 88mm The dreaded 88 88mm AA gun Wartime AA gun Flak 36 8.8cm Flak 36 gun Flak 36 8.8cm. Everyone abbreviates to '88' but the Germans tagged this as 8.8 cm.

MVTF 88 Another view 88 MVTF 88mm gun Jerry 88 More views

BMW R75 WWII motorbike BMW R75 BMW R75 motorcycle German BMW R75 BMW R75

Klienes Kettenrad Klienes Kettenrad Klienes Kettenrad

Kubelwagen Kubelwagen

Schwimmwagen VW Schwimmwagen Four wheel drive Schwimmwagen Amphibious Schwimmwagen Schwimmwagen at Portola Valley WWII Schwimmwagen The infamous VW Schwimmwagen Schwimmwagen

Hetzer German Hetzer SP gun Hetzer Hetzer


SdKfz 222 SdKfz 222 SdKfz 222

SdKfz 10 Half track SdKfz 10 Medium SdKfz 10 WWII SdKfz 10 SdKfz 10

SdKfz7 Gun Tractor SdKfz7 German SdKfz7 SdKfz7 halftrack SdKfz7

T34/76 Russian T34 USSR tank T34 T34/76 This looks to be a T34/76D model, which introduced a new cast hexagonal turret. The twin hatches earning the nickname "Mickey Mouse". An improved cupola was introduced on the E model

T34/76 T34/76 T34/76 T34/76 T34/76 T34/76 T34/76 T34/76

T34/85 WWII T34 Russian T34/85 T34 T34/85

T55 Soviet T55 The amazing T55 The ubiquitous T55 USSR T55 tank T55

T55 Russian T55 T55 tank MVTF T55 Littlefield T55 T55 Portola Valley Soviet T55 T55 in Czech markings T55

T62 T62

T72 Jacques Littlefield T72 MVTF T72 T72 tank Russian T72 T72

T72 Russian tank The T72 tank T72 with side flaps Littlefield collection T72 More T72!

M4 Israeli Israeli Super Sherman Israeli Super Sherman

New picture - M5 Israeli halftrack M5 Israeli halftrack M5 halftrack Israeli M5 halftrack M5 Israeli halftrack

SCUD B MTFV SCUD B Soviet SCUD B SCUD B missile SCUD SCUD B mobile missile.

Soviet cold war hardware Huge gun Radar Soviet tracked Radar Massive gun plus tracked radar unit based on a lengthened T80 chassis. Cannot be switched on or else "all the screens at SFO would light up like a Christmas tree".

PT 76 PT 76 Personnel carrier

Carrier with gun MVTF Carrier Universal Carrier with gun Australian Carrier Jacques Littlefield Carrier New picture Carrier with gun - New picture

Australian Carrier - New picture Australian Universal carrier with a gun. I need more info on this one!

Humber Humber armoured car Brit Humber Humber armoured car

Comet British Comet Comet tank Comet

Chieftain Chieftain Chieftain Chieftain Chieftain Chieftain

Chieftain Chieftain Chieftain Chieftain Chieftain Chieftain

Conqueror Huge Conqueror tank British Conqueror Huge Conqueror tank

Sexton SPG Sexton Sexton

Saladin Armoured car Saladin Armoured car

Saracen personnel carrier New picture - Saracen personnel carrier Saracen personnel carrier

Scorpion Light tank Scorpion Scorpion Scorpion Light tank

Spartan Spartan personnel carrier based on Scorpion cahssis

Fox armoured car Fox armoured car

Centurion AVRE MVTF Centurion AVRE Look at Centurion AVRE Centurion AVRE - engineer vehicle Centurion AVRE - Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers

British Ferret scout car Ferret scout car British Ferret scout car.

Weasel After the Ferret it seemed appropriate to put the Weasel here...

Hungarian PSZH Hungarian PSZH Wheeled armoured personnel carrier

Czech AA Czech AA gun on BTR-152 chassis

French M61 SP gun French M61 Obusier SPH (self-propelled gun). Cannot find much background info on this one. It was produced in 1952 and has a 105mm gun.