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The American Society of Military History

The American Society of Military History was incorporated in California in 1962 as a California Non-profit educational organization. The goal of the society is to preserve and restore examples of American military equipment. The Museum is located at 1918 North Rosemead Boulevard, South El Monte California, about a 1/4 mile north of the Rosemead exit on the 60 freeway in the city of South El Monte in the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area. Visit their website at The American Society of Military History Well worth a visit!
I took these pictures July 3, 2004 and they are used on this page by permission.

Armor line A nice line-up of armor. From Left to right: M48, M41, M4A3E8, M4A3E8 105mm...

Plywood Higgins Plywood Higgins boat!


Windtalkers truck Windtalkers truck Interior Windtalkers truck Used in movieWindtalkers One advantage of having working vehicles and being near Hollywood - truck used in the movie "Windtalkers".

Japanese Type 95 mock-up Fake Japanese Type 95 Here's an interesting item. A fake Japanese Type 95 constructed on the chassis of an M5 Artillery Tractor for the movie "Windtalkers".

M4A3 Late war M4A3 Sherman M4A3 Late war M4A3

M4A3 105 HVSS Sherman M4A3 105 HVSS Side view M4A3 105 HVSS Sherman M4A3 105 HVSS. Note damaged road wheels in the third picture!

M43 SPG US Gun M43 Gun Howitzer M43 Self propelled gun M43 USA SPG Views of an M43

Late version M7 Priest M7 Priest SP Gun M7 Priest Suspension detail M7 M7 Priest 105mm self propelled gun. Note first picture is a later model,

Australian Bren Carrier Bren Carrier, Australian built Australian Bren Carrier

M8 Armored Car Armored Car M8 US M8 M8 Armored Car

MASH ambulance Ambulance used in MASH Ambulance truck used in both the MASH movie and the TV series.