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US Army Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen Proving Ground

A familiar name to all students of armor, the Proving Grounds at Aberdeen are home to the US Army Ordnance Museum. They have many unique armor subjects and are in the process of renovating their vehicles, many of which have been parked outside for years. The museum is raising funds for the renovation and housing of their vehicles. Please visit their website at US Army Ordnance Museum

The pictures were all taken by myself in 1995 and are shown on this page by permission.

Leopold "Leopold" German railway gun.

M36 M36 "Jackson" Tank destroyer fitted with 90mm gun in an effort to combat the heavy German tanks

M48 M48, the main battle tank of the US at the time of the Vietnam war.

M4A1 calliope M4A1 Calliope. Sherman fitted with rocket tubes.

M53 Looks like we have here a M53.

M55 I think this is an M55 without the huge muzzle brake that the Minitanks model has!.

M7 Priest M7 Priest.

M12 SPG M12 Motorized Gun Carriage

T34 76 early Russian T34/76, early model.

V2 V2 missile

Firefly Sherman Firefly - This looks like it is a IC. Notice the vision blocks making this an early Sherman that was converted and probably delivered to Aberdeen for evaluation. There is a Panzer IV alongside.

Hetzer rear view Hetzer Hetzer.

 2 Hummels Hummel Hummel


JagdTiger JagdTiger JagdTiger

M1A1 M1A1 - early Abrams

M16 M16 multiple gun carriage missing its guns.

Marder_III Marder_III

Mark_V First World War Mark V female tank with a Whippet behind.

Panthers Panthers Panthers. Ausf A on the left, Ausf G on the right.

Panzer_I Pz Kpfw I Ausf B. I believe that's a Russian T26 behind it. Maybe a T26B.

PanzerJager_IV PanzerJager_IV

SP guns SP guns. Foreground: 15cm sFH13/1 (Sf) auf Geschützwagen Lorraine Schlepper (f) (Sd Kfz 135/1). Background: "Grille" SdKfz 138/1. 15cm gun on Pz38t chassis. Two examples of self-propelled gun mounted on captured chassis.


SU100 SU100

T34s T34s

T54 T54 T54

T54 T62